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Update Regarding The Urban Scientist, Dr. Danielle Lee (DNLee)

Biology Online would like to provide an update regarding our interaction with Dr. Danielle Lee, otherwise known as The Urban Scientist or DNLee.

A few weeks ago, a recently hired employee (not the site’s editor) representing Biology Online was responsible for a very offensive email sent to Dr.Lee. You can view our original apology written immediately after the incident here:

The owner of the site, Alan Weisleder, and the web public relations manager, Sharona Weiss, were both honored to have been able to speak with Dr. Lee after the incident and thankful that she was extremely gracious despite her grievance. We were able to share with her the evidence of Ofek’s dismissal and apologize to her personally. She was grateful to us for calling and to see that Ofek was immediately dismissed from his job.

We are currently taking steps to prevent any such incident from occurring again by more carefully screening any potential contributors or employees for Biology Online and by communicating clearly to them the professionalism that we expect in building valuable relationships and connections.

Though we deeply regret the incident, we are grateful for the positive outcome reached in the end. We hope to now move forward, continuing to be a credible and professional forum for biology knowledge for everyone, regardless of race, gender, or religion.

For any further questions, please contact Sharona Weiss at

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