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Tag: ulcerative colitis

Anti-ulcerative colitis activity of Calotropis procera Linn

Calotropis procera Linn (Swallow wort) is a wild plant, highly branched perennial shrub that belongs to the family of Asclepiadaceae. It is believed  as medicinal plants that can be found in tropics growing on sandy and alkaline soils. Calotropis procera contains chemicals that have been used for antifungal, anticancer and insecticidal activity. It also exhibits antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective and antioxidant. The researcher on this study believed that Calotropis procera used as medicine in ulcerative colitis a bowel disease. The symptoms of disease is an inflammation of inner lining of the colon that caused bloody diarrhea, pus and abdominal cramping.


Effect on ulcerative colitis

Extracts of Calotropis procera were assess using rats to test its potentials as anti-ulcerative colitis. Results reveal that inflammatory indices improve better for five days after the introduction of the disease. Oral administration of Calotropis procera confers a relevant development of the disease signifying a possible treatment for ulcerative colitis. The extract of Calotropis procera contains low level of toxicity which means that other vital organs is not affected. Therefore, it is consider safe to intake orally as medicinal supplement for ulcerative colitis.


Related studies about Calotropis procera also have a positive results as anti-inflammatory because it contains useful chemicals and phytochemicals. On the other hand ulcerative colitis develops overtime and can be unbearable that sometimes leads to life threatening complications. Though, treatment is needed to lessen the signs and symptoms of the disease.


Overall, Calotropis procera has a potential to lessen the inflammation of ulcerative colitis and other diseases. Mostly the disease begins during adolescence and the severity of the inflammation changes over time. Relapses and remission also happens that last for months or years. Indeed ,Calotropis procera subsides the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and minimized the side effects to other vital systems.


Source: Prepared by Joan Tura from Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal

Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 75-78