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Salmonella Outbreak in Minnesota

What is Salmonella?

Salmonellosis is a bacterial infection that caused by Salmonella species that normally thrives in animal and human intestines. The mode of this bacteria to shed-off is through feces. Humans usually become infected mostly due to the contaminated food or water. As well as from eating uncooked meat, eggs and poultry products. Persons with Salmonella infection typically shows symptoms like diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting and fever that usually develops within 8-72 hours. However, people with good immune system can recover from the infection in just few days without medication. In some cases infection of Salmonella can be life threatening and needs immediate medical attention. Severe infection will also occurs that leads to osteomyelitis, meningitis and blood stream infection.


Salmonella Outbreaks

Minnesota Departments of Health and Agriculture discover the presence of Salmonella from the sample of a dog food brand. It is found out that the outbreak is related after children became sick who might have been feed the dogs with Raw Ground Turkey Food. Two children reported sickened with Salmonella poisoning due from touching or holding the products. One of the children develops severe infection that needs proper medication and hospitalization.


The Raw for Paws Ground Turkey Food for Pets did a recall of their products manufactured last October 12, 2017. The company issued a recall notice of the products with the codes 9900008 and 9900009. A recall also from the Pet Food Combo Pack cases with the codes 99000014 and 99000015. The products were recalled last February 5, 2018 and those who purchase directly from the company were notified. However, some of the products sold online and have been resold after purchase. You can check the FDA recall notice here.


Moreover, the cages, dishes and all the things used by the dog need to be disinfected properly. Salmonella species can survive for weeks on the surface area and can be a source for a long-term infection.