Making sodium acetate

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Making sodium acetate

Post by biznatch » Tue Nov 20, 2007 7:37 pm

Every recipe I've found for making 1 L of 3M sodium acetate pH 5.2 goes as follows:

- Dissolve 408.3 g sodium acetate-3H2O in 800 mL water.
- Adjust pH to 5.2 with glacial acetic acid.
- Adjust to 1 L with water.
- Autoclave.

I only wanted to make 100 mL so I dissolved 40.83 g in 80 mL and the volume was already over 100 mL, then I still needed another almost 10 mL of glaciel acetic acid to get the pH to 5.2 so I was even more over 100 mL. I assume if I was making 1 L I would have the same problem. I probably should have realized that dissolving 40 g in 80 mL would be over 100 mL and started with a smaller volume of water, but I was just following the recipe. I re-adjusted the volumes and dissolved some more sodium acetate and worked everything out fine, but can anyone explain why EVERY protocol says to start with 800 mL, or did I do something wrong?

:x I was going to post a bunch of links to recipes but it won't let me but if you Google it you will see what I mean. Also, even those little Roche lab handbooks (which I was using) say to use 800 mL.

Thank you!

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