Are evolution and creationism mutually exclusive???

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Post by Cat » Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:08 pm

wildfunguy wrote:Evolution can be tested directly through controlled experiments. In contrast, our evolutionary history cannot be tested directly through controlled experiments since it is a matter of history, not nature. However, we can still collect evidence for our evolutionary history, just as a detective can collect evidence for someone's guilt. This is still empiricism.

Although creationism is incompatible with science, it is not incompatible with evolution or our ideas about evolutionary history. One could accept abiogenesis yet still believe that some god was directing things all along. They could believe that the random mutations weren't actually random at all. Indeed, "random" basically means "without a known cause." Such ideas would still be creationism.
To be fair, people who think they are scientifically testing creationism (Intelligent Design) aren't actually testing creationism at all. Rather, they are attempting to falsify the evolution-based explanations in an attempt to force us into accepting creationism as the only reasonable alternative. However, although the details of specific creation myths make them falsifiable, ceationism in the broad sense cannot be verified or falsified.

Well said!

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