Suggestion on Sleep disorder as a symptom

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Post by pian » Thu Sep 27, 2007 1:47 am

I made various searches and posts to various forums so that I may be able to share my ideas and hopefully may generate the interest of a web programmer perhaps? I just find it such a pity that the power of the internet is not being maximized for the purpose of diagnosis. Since I observe that there seems to be a general fear to self-diagnosis, I thought that access to the website that will implement this suggestion be limited and make the referral field in the registration section a requirement. There is already a website like what I had in mind but is limited to one symptom and quite complex, so I know it’s possible and just needs enhancement. Financing of this suggestion can be done if they are coursed thru medical institutions. I foresee that this suggestion will benefit tremendously both the patient and the doctor. It would limit the trial and error phase and lessen the frustration of both doctor and patient. I don't see it coming soon, so it wouldn't benefit me, but maybe in the near future, for setting up that kind of website will greatly enhance the field of medicine, mainly neurology, for the brain is a very complex organ.

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Post by skincaretipsbeauty » Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:40 am

The important points that you should do by yourself,but you can checked out the website sometimes.

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