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Homework Help?

Post by Langfao » Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:20 pm

In class we discussed autosomal polymorphisms such as widow’s peak and detached
ear lobes, both of which are dominant traits. Suppose that a man with a widow’s peak and
attached ear lobes (whose father had detached ear lobes) marries a woman without a widow’s
peak and detached ear lobes (whose father had attached ear lobes). What is the probability
that their first child will:
a. not have a widow’s peak or attached ear lobes?
b. have both a widow’s peak and detached ear lobes?
c. have a widow’s peak and attached ear lobes?

I'm having trouble doing this problem because I can't figure out the alleles of the man. So I have concluded the woman is (wwDd) assuming "W" is trait for widow's peak and "D" is for attached earlobes. The man though I can't figure out if he is (Wwdd) or (WWdd) because you're only given information that his father had detached earlobes. Am I supposed to assume anything here like the mother is homozygous dominant for both and the father is homozygous dominant for widow's peak as well? or am I just missing something from the information given?

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