Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

Post by grishaw » Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:29 am

Hey everyone just thought i would tell everyone how i am feeling now ! Its been a year and Two mounths since i first got sick!! As i stated before all of my symptoms and honestly now i cant rember all the ones i had but there was alot!! I was tested for everything you can think of and yes i was tested for lymes 3 times it was false!! i have no idea what happened to me. and have seen every dr in my home town for ansers !! All they could tell me is that i had a sickness or disease of some kind and that my body fought it off over time! heres side effects that you could physically see i lost a small amout of my eye pigment in one eye that happened when i first got sick!! And now my toe nails have started to look very bad. well two of them, and are falling off! the dr said it was from being sick and that im healthly now and all blood work has been good ! also still have had lose of hair not bad but more then i did befor i got sick!! i still get weak and tired and have pain in joints in fingers I have been tring to fight through these symptoms cause i know i have anxiety and know it could be from that! I do know that i cant take alot of meds since then i get sick i dont know if thats anxiety are if i just cant!! I Can tell you that this has been the worse thing ive ever been through in my life and my husband works out of town and i have 2 kids and i had to go through this alone!! At times i felt like i was going crazy i thought maybe i was deppressed but didnt know I had cring spells often that i couldnt control and one time i thought if i had to live that way life wasnt worth living!! Do you know how bad it is to know how it feels to think and be normal and to know that your not!! I can rember being scared to go to the Doctor i was scared he would think I was crazy but i went any way searching for ansers fighting for my life!!!!! I dont know if im cured of this death are if it will return But what i do know is that im felling much better and i can deal with it maybe if i knew the unknown of what happened i would feel better and then get on with my life!!!BY the way my doctor told me he new i was sick the whole time but he couldnt put his finger on it!!! And life is worth lliving thats why i fought so hard to find a anser!! Was it antibiotics (sulfa)??? A few drs said it was at first but said it wouldnt effect me that long!!! I wonder sulfa reaction and lots of anxiety??Maybe!! But drs said i was sick again with something!!! Well thanks to everyone that has tried to help me!!!!GOD BLESS YOU ALL and Leslie you will be still be in my prayers..................... :D

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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help? I CAN!

Post by jstar » Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:59 am

Hi there...

I just wanted to chime in here. I'm surprised by many of the uneducated and downright mean comments on this board. It is so sad to see people respond to a cry for help like that. I would like to share my story.

I don't have a history of anxiety disorder or depression. Last fall, I took penicillin for a sinus infection. I was feeling SO rotten - just stuffed up, major headaches, you know - misery! Day one on the drug was fine, day two, I felt a little odd and anxious and by day three I was hallucinating, my heart was racing, I felt like I was dying (severe anxiety attacks can make you think you are dying - isn't that fun?), I felt confused, and when I turned my head, I was so dizzy it felt like the room was spinning. I looked at the side effects and the only one listed was dizziness, so I called my doctor. I was informed that these psychological effects can indeed happen (straight from the Dr.'s mouth, folks) and to immediately stop taking the penicillin and NEVER take "cillin" drugs again because they will all have the same effect on me. That's right, I lucked out and got an INFORMED doctor. If I had taken it one more day, I would have likely suffered some of the more severe effects of the drug - numbness, tingling, etc. He had seen this happen before and advised me that it would be better to ride out the sinus stuff or I could try a different antibiotic. I opted to "ride it out" and only suffered two more days of sinus "stuff" without the antibiotic. In essence, I survived quite well without it and was glad to have my sanity back, which returned not the next day (the effects are long lasting, my friends), but the one after that. I can easily see how being on a high dose of amoxicillin for a long duration could really mess a person up if they have a sensitivity to the drug.

The bottom line is that I have a neurological sensitivity to "cillin" drugs. Some people react differently to different meds. Google "anxiety and penicillin" or any other "cillin" and you will find countless posts by people experiencing the SAME exact symptoms!

So, yesterday, I was at the dr. for what I thought might be strep throat. I was given a Z-pack because of my penicilln reaction (Z pack is azithromycin). I was told to take TWO pills at first and then one for each subsequent day for a total of 5 days. Well, the last experience was traumatic enough for me to proceed with caution. Better safe than sorry, and better to have a little bit of antibiotic in me than none at all. I decided to take one half the first day (yesterday) and see how I felt. I felt fine! Today, I still felt fine! So, I took another half at the same time of day and decided that if all went well today, I would take a full dose tomorrow. Well, around 4pm, I started feeling dizzy. No big deal, that's a common side effect. Then I started feeling really agitated and just cranky and edgy. About an hour after that, totally anxious. I was just cooking dinner, totally relaxed and feeling pure panic over nothing. Of course this time I knew what it was, so I just kept on cooking. When my daughter asked me to help her with a giant puzzle she was doing on the floor (she is 3), I got down and helped her and stood up and almost passed out completely. Then my heart started beating irregularly for about a minute. This is all on half a dose and hours after I took it. I decided not to lean over again! LOL!

So, after eating dinner, I'm feeling much better, but this is a clear reaction to a medication, people. It's real, it happens. Just because it doesn't happen to you or 90% of the rest of the population doesn't mean it can't happen at all. And yes, I called the Dr. and he once again said this is in fact a side effect which can become quite serious, long lasting and detrimental to your overall health as our initial "poster" that started this thread experienced. Verification for all of us, just tonight from an MD himself! I was instructed again to stop taking this medication immediately.

So, I'm taking the list from the above post (thank you VERY much for that) to the doctor next time and hoping there is something on this planet that I can take in case I get a really serious/scary infection someday.

Good luck to the rest of you suffering from this type of reaction. It is miserable to feel anxiety, etc. from a drug. I've never had any kind of problems like that outside of these two drugs and hope to never feel that way again! I now know what people with anxiety feel and I can not even imagine having to cope with that on a daily basis.

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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

Post by annarowe » Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:48 am

Same thing happened to me, took high doses of flagyl and keflex a few years back, suffered a six month reaction from it. Scared to death. Anxiety and panic attacks from hell. Among lots af other symptoms. Spent a couple of years all well and good then fast forward till now and I have a dental infection. Take amoxicillian and presto with 5 doses over a couple of days everything kicks off again. Insomnia panic attacks, headaches, spaciness, the works. Just wondered to the previous person that posted how long did your reaction last?? I finished my last dose 4 hours ago and feeling far from right. Worst thing is I may have to take another antibiotic for the infection. Any words of wisdom on this matter would be appreciated. Is there anything I can take??

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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

Post by TheeLynnChase » Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:32 pm

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Hope this helps!!
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Cultured vegetables, like raw sauerkraut (it needs to be raw), added to your diet, also supply probiotics and are a healthy addition to the above program if tolerated.

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"Recovery" from severe antibiotic-induced gut flora imbalance is also a relative term. Whereas you can achieve a high level of health and well-being, you will have to continue to be mindful of diet (especially carbohydrates) and take maintenance doses of pre- and probiotics or risk slipping back into imbalance, with its accompanying unpleasant symptoms, again.
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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

Post by daveclarsen » Wed May 09, 2012 5:59 am

I will be quick all the symptoms line up with emphasis on the teeth. I took 1000mg of Amoxicillin for a 7 days and it removed the pain in the heart and almost removed all tingling. The ringing in my ears has been for a long time and it was reduced. I have teeth problems. To just pull them without sticking something in there place is an awful thought, just waiting for a plane ticket to get somewhere reasonable. If there is any psychology to the issue it is the lessening of depression (must fix a chemical imbalance also). Certainly if it wasn't for the outrageous costs in medical I would have a blood test and a cat scan. If there is anything that should be provided it is diagnostics so you can make your own corrections (without drugs). Yes if you are stupid you should pay the price. One free scan and one free blood work up per year would save tons in Medicare and Medicaid. Technology seems to be a rich thing only these days. What the hell happened to America!

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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

Post by JoshuaFlynn » Fri May 11, 2012 3:14 pm

Although many a year late, I'd like to add a small logical analysis:

mith wrote:You can't have the same problems, the two posts above you already state it's quite unlikely for the antibiotics to be responsible.

'Quite unlikely', does not equate to 'not possible'. There is still room for the probability of it occurring and one has to factor that in. Being struck by a meteor is 'quite unlikely' but it has happened to people before.

mith wrote:If you're sick, we should find you help. But let's get you the right kind of help. How is the wrong diagnosis going to help you? There's no point in blaming antibiotics if they're not responsible.

This is fallacious reasoning. You dismiss the diagnosis as 'wrong' but do not offer any counter proof (the rebuttal it is 'unlikely' does not stand, improbable events do occur to people), and this would be a highly dangerous thing to do.

The best course of action, instead, would be to attempt to determine whether or not the antibiotics are causing the reaction so you can properly determine (rather than guessing) if it is the cause. Antibiotics do indeed cause adverse reactions in certain individuals (in the same way other drugs, foods, pollen etc do to specific people). You'd have to speak with your doctor, perhaps testing it by utilising a different class of antibiotics and seeing if the symptoms go away (stopping the antibiotics may leave you vulnerable so it's down to the doctor's assessment if it's valid).

One should never assume; they should always test.

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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

Post by Maki » Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:09 pm

My sister recently went to the hospital for spinal surgery and was given many drugs, and now she is back in the hospital but now shes in the psyche ward, she is suffering from a severe psychotic episode and the doctors think she may have overdosed on her meds due to the fact she was being dosed for her previous weight of 437 but now she is down to 377, she has dropped this weight within two weeks. since she is currently not on her meds will she get better once they fade from her system? i want my sister back.

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Post by JackBean » Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:56 pm

She lost about 10% of her weight and she was overdosed so much she got psychic problems? Overdosed probably with some antibiotics? Are you serious?

Cis or trans? That's what matters.

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Post by canalon » Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:10 am

In surgery you can receive more than just antibiotics. And a 50 lbs error is quite large (20 kg is a huge difference). I am quite surprise though that she was not weighed before the surgery. But hopefully the excess of those drugs will be metabolized. But the docs are probably the one to ask for details. The one in the psych ward, are more likely to know what they are talking about. And they know her history and the medications that she was given. Ask them, not random strangers on the internet.

Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without
any proof. (Ashley Montague)

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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

Post by david23 » Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:48 pm

antibiotics induced psychosis, is this the topic now? Interesting how the op didnt have liver and kidney damage, or seizures.

Is there more to the story?

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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

Post by hymenoptera7 » Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:28 am

I agree with Kat wholeheartedly. Too many rare conditions are dismissed as being "impossible" or "highly improbable." I just read a story about a post-surgery patient presenting with shooting pain at the surgery site and it took his doctor 6 MONTHS to realize that he had sewn a 12" long stainless steel spreader into him!

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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

Post by robert63 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:00 pm

Dear lesley,

Your post is quite old now but I thought it would be useful for others to read that I also am suffering similar side effects to Metronidizol.
I stopped taking them last week when I had a really weird reaction - yes waking up suddenly in the night to strange sound in the head exactly as you wrote. I felt like I was going to have a stroke - numbness in limbs, disorinetation. I drank lots of water and quickly took myself off them. On Sunday evening this week I awoke with a feeling that my system was totally disorientated, numbness in limbs, right hand difficulty co-ordinating. Partner took me to casualty and doctors took me through all tests. Thankfully all were normal BUT my symptoms are still strange. Head pressure, weakness in limbs, numbness, metal taste in mouth and today reduced appetite and nausea. It seems that I took less of the Flagyl than you did and I am hoping that it will clear out of my system soon with a detox. If you are still on this website somewhere it would be good to know how long it took you to clear all symptoms. Its been a real rollercoaster and reading your post was a shock.

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