minimal biological function

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minimal biological function

Post by tenician » Sun May 05, 2013 6:08 pm


I would like to know what is the minimal biological interdependent function that has been identified in evolutionary terms.

When I mean function, I mean:
a) something that biologists feel evolved after the initial cell/self-replication was in place
b) was absent at one point in time
c) is not simply a reversible variation (adaptable feature)
d) a concrete mechanism at the molecular level
e) when I mean "interdependent", this just means a natural outcome of the mechanism that was "added" which is now dependent and dependent upon by other functionality within the system.

I'm sorry if my question is framed inappropriately as I am not a biologist of any type.

I would really appreciate the feedback and links and references to papers if possible.

Thank you.

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Post by Darby » Tue May 07, 2013 6:47 pm

It seems like you're asking about something from BEFORE the initial cell.

Replication would be one function. Energy transformation would be another. So would be self-organization. And evolution.

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