To touch another body trough own skin..:)

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To touch another body trough own skin..:)

Post by Brandon888 » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:09 am

It is from one Yahoogroup. What do you think..? Telepats as the new human kind..?


It can be easily proven with using of infrared light equipments..!

In addition to understanding the neuro reactions resulting from the collective
unconsciousness, there is no possible any scientific reflexology. So…

An Example...


This my explanation significantly contributed a psychologist Gloria Kidman from
It is not about alien, but - autistic people. Authists are enough strange also,
and - little about them.
About the patient Samuel (as far as I understand - a rich and important person)
and a possibilitie to get his speech.

Autistic people are enough symbiotic people with the feeling of environmental
They wants to feel just pulses, without analysis of difficult "secret" space.
One of those impulses - humans conclusion (OR - PREPARING TO GET THIS
CONCLUSION) "understood."
Right handed people have a state of such conclusion, as the right jaw muscle
The description of various similar signals is in -
Sensitive human (especially - autist) would be affected of this signal by
principle - "don't be longer in deal as for this that me know".
I seen that one a self confident doctor with his monitoring stay (when he watch
autists) simply pressed their jaws muscles and they then closes their mouths:)
For receiving of autists talk, necessary a special (non-pin) status, helps a
dolphin therapy (their individual conclusions as the conditions is like
left-handed people). The click of left side jaw muscle is the proposal -
stimulus to create a common conclusion. Here is big number of
when in feeling is left handed persone. For right handed
autists the best "doctors" would be left handed persones, because "to get their
riht jaw muscle free".

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