I guess you could call it a love song from a nerd.

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I guess you could call it a love song from a nerd.

Post by SteveCheeseman » Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:49 am

This is first time ever putting a song out on the internet so be gentle. My mic is currently out of commission so I had to record the vocals on my phone so don't expect too much.
It's still rough around the edges, but I thought you guys would appreciate the lyrics.

Steve Cheeseman - Out There, Right Here


This is for my love, I know you out there
Come and find me, you know Im right here
How ever long it takes I'm patient for my fate
Until then, I'll just search and postulate

I dedicate this one to my, future wife
Play this song for me if I aint treating you nice
Sometimes I don't get my priorities right
For you I will re-prioritize my life
Cause, well, you are my life
I hope that's clear with every word, every action
I got mad love, with a heavenly passion
Me and you, instantaneous reaction
Kinetically favorable, thermodynamically stable
We gotta chemistry that's so undeniable
Indescribable your beauty, your radiance
Ill try to illustrate to you, your brilliance
Your aura your ambiance, is so salient
Feeling is concrete, far from transient
Alone I'm obsolete, I need you to be complete
Analogous to how my vocals need this beat


This absolute lovin, not Einstein relative
Special for you, not general, the words i said
Ill take you to bed if you ain't too tentative
You ain't gonna sleep though, this ain't a sedative
Unzippin yo genes, baby I'm like helicase
In any case, you gon be mine
So fine turn my floppy disk to hard drive
Slow? Or speed it up like solid state drive
Got your mind soaring, set it warp drive
Have it like a riticulum smooth or rough
Believe I won't stop till you've had enough
Believe I've had enough of these other sluts
In passion entangled, reality's scrambled
Hittin every angle of your acute triangle
Yeah, i can tell you into it
These moments, I value, so intimate


Thoughts of you get me so ecstatic
Affections aliphatic, that's organic
Our future's stable, like aromatics
Attraction automatic, that's electrostatic
You are my everything, that's positive
The love is languishing, that's a negative
It's imperative I have you to live
Or at least for happiness that's superlative
Sweet serenade to a blissful stranger
I'm plotting for you, don't mean to sound sinister
Until i find her, this is my venture
Our adventure, then show her
Together we a force so unstoppable
Us to eternity is so probable
This relationship's prime, it's not divisible
Don't take this literal, it's kinda metaphysical

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Re: I guess you could call it a love song from a nerd.

Post by Curi0sit0 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:34 pm

Very funny song, Mr. Cheesemn

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Re: I guess you could call it a love song from a nerd.

Post by foxbrent » Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:58 am

You really must be in love. lol :lol:

It'll be better if you also put a music video of it, don't you think so? :wink:

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Post by billyfisher100 » Tue May 08, 2012 9:58 pm

Love it lol :D

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