Need help identifying the following animals


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Post by kotoreru » Wed Oct 31, 2007 10:14 pm

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if, when we learn the answers, we all consider the questions to be of very poor quality...
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Post by alextemplet » Wed Oct 31, 2007 10:18 pm

Either poor quality or so blatantly obvious we slap ourselves for being stupid.
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Re: Need help identifying the following animals

Post by Beetle » Thu Dec 06, 2007 3:28 pm

Ok these question cannot be related to one animal but I shall comment them.

1. Poor and lousy hint. If by drunk means animal that eat old fermented fruit in tree tops than it can be almost half of species in tropics. (species that eat those fermented fruits probably doesnt get drunk due to some of their adaptations or they should very quickly be extinct)

2. Infection from bites leads us to comodo dragon who lives in Asia and is biggest of its kind

3. Maybe its just my english but if you say that something has avian heritage doesnt it mean that it has avian ancestor? There isnt any animal gorup that has derived from birds. They are at the end of their evolution tree. And than that evolutionary step back. It would mean a bird with an habitat (did you mean habitus?!??! habitat is place where animal lives and habitus is aperiance of animal!) of a reptilian. Ther is no such creature on earth (maybe but just maybe Ophistocomus hoatzin, though it looks like and it is a bird). Totaly vague hint about convergetnt evolution in regards to my previos explanation.

4. So it is some relict and small group. Others parts hint us towards Platypus since it has eggs but produce milk, and males has poisonous spine on hind legs, and has some weird mixed aperiance of duck, otter and beaver. Other monotremates doesnt have poison spines as to my knoladge. Note: it lives in Australia!

5. As continue to previos hint you are probably refering to kangaroos though I am not sure how close are Monothrematas (Prototheria) to Metatheria (Theria). Only thing that you can confuse with skinny little humans is something that walks on 2 legs so it has to be something from Primates (cause it cannot be a kangaroo standing on hind legs since no one coulde mistaken their habitus that much). Why wouldnt you want your kids playing around them cause of their daly activities? Did you meant hunting for food? Reproducing? Fighitng for teritorry?

Anyway we come to conclusion that hints cannot be related since nothing that has poisonous bite and lives in Asia doesnt have eggs, milk, poisonous spine (why would it needs one when it has poisonous bite!?!?) and has dervired from birds by regresiv evolution (yes, yes i know there is no such thing :)) eat fermented fruits and lives in trees and in the same time looks like hairy human that walks on 2 legs.

P.S. Hate ppl who post and never return to explain their topic!!!!

bicho wrote:Below are hints to help identify the animal. Need help please...

1. This animal spends its whole life drunk usually hanging around in trees.

2. You would have to go to Asia to see one of these but chances are you don't really want to, at least not out in the wild. It's the biggest of its of kind. If you survive the bite the infection will probably do you in anyway.

3. Its anatomy shows its avian heritage but the shift in primary habitat can be considered to be a step back in the phylogenetic past. It is also a fine example of convergent evolution.

4. Not many species belong to this general group as evolution as moved on leaving them behind. The particular animal we are looking for has sort of a mixed up appearence which can also be said of its way of reproduction. You don't want to get on the wrong end of the males though. They have a nasty spine.

5. Their closest cousins are much more famous but these folks are lot more interesting. If you ran into them in a very dark alley you might confuse them for skinny little humans in need of body wax but you don't necessarily want your little kids around when they pursue their favorite activity which they supposedly do quite often.
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