Plant molecular systematics

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Plant molecular systematics

Post by landscape45 » Sat Sep 05, 2015 9:28 am

Dear friends,

My name is Gülcan Canik and I am a landscape architect and working as a research staff at National Botanic Garden of Turkey which is part of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Maybe you know,it will be the first botanic garden which has big capacity in Turkey

I was awarded a scholarship (from Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock) for 3 months to work on a subject which is about moleculer systematics.The ministry will pay all charges including the laboratory expenses.

I am a Phd student in Hacettepe University since 2014.I have been studying about systematic botanics.I have no long past in biological stusies but I want to develop myself in my labor life as well as my academic career.

I would like have training on this topic in your laboratory under supervision. I will be grateful if an university could accept me to get experience.I have no certain subject but Doctoral Mentor(Prof.Dr.Ali Dönmez) told me that I will be able to study about Cotoneaster sp.Medik also the other subjects you are working on.

I need your advices and information about universities which has plant molecular systematics.

Thanks in advance...

Gülcan Cank
Llandscape architect

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