Choosing a yeast vector

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Choosing a yeast vector

Post by alyson2324 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:54 pm

I have cloned several plant arsenic transporters and would like to express them in yeast to see if they can partially rescue an arsenic-sensitive yeast strain.

I am wondering how I choose an expression vector that is compatible with my yeast strains. Have done a lot of internet searches but I am still confused and think it might help to talk to a person :)
If it helps the yeast strains I am working with are the following:

W303-1A MATaura3-1 leu2-3/112 trp1-1 his3-11/15 ade2-1 can1-100 GAL SUC2 mal0
Thomas and Rothstein (1989)
YSH294 W303-1A fps1Δ::LEU2
Van Aelst et al. (1991)
RW105 W303-1A ycf1Δ::loxP acr3Δ::loxP-kanMX-loxP

RW107 W303-1A fps1Δ::LEU2 ycf1Δ::loxP acr3Δ::loxP-kanMX-loxP
In the past, my lab has used the yeast/E coli vector pCM184 but we do not usually work with yeast so I am not sure if it is compatible with my mutant strains and what selective media is safe for it...
Any advice would be appreciates so much!

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