PCR and Gel conundrum

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PCR and Gel conundrum

Post by antonyviridae » Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:06 pm

Why is it that when I run the exact same PCR reaction (with the same sample) on two different PCR platforms, that when I run it on a gel or on Qiaxcel I see that the bands are running at different sizes? The difference isn't significant but enough to be noticable.

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Re: PCR and Gel conundrum

Post by merv » Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:21 pm

I dont know.
Agarose gels are different technology to the patented system to which you refer, so I would ask the Qiagen reps to pay you a visit and explain it. or email them. or call.
it may be related to the pH of the gel and buffer, gel concentration, etc.

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Post by JackBean » Mon Oct 10, 2011 12:20 pm

I understood the question that there is difference between two PCRs; not between home-made gel and Qiaxcel.

Cis or trans? That's what matters.

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Post by tranglee » Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:30 am

you could check your technique, maybe have some mistakes during your working

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