non-redundant primers

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non-redundant primers

Post by blurcita7 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:28 pm


Currently, I'm pushing my brain to learn molecular biology and I want to design some primers to do some PCRs with. Nothing has been done about the genetics of the bird that I worked with so, I made some multiple alignments with the aa sequences of other organisms and found some well conserved regions that may serve as good start. However, I'm stuck about how to design the primers...I've done this before a couple of times just by pasting the entire nucleotide sequence into a software but, now that I have specific regions of interest within that sequence I'm lost...also because I do not know how to find AA sequences that have the least redundancy, so that the primer can be as non-redundant as possible (I'm also not sure of what non-redundant is/means under this context! :? ) Hope someone could come across with the answers! Thanks in advance...
Another question: is it possible to design the primers using amino acid sequences instead of nucleotide ones? :o

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Re: non-redundant primers

Post by JackBean » Mon Oct 19, 2009 10:34 pm

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