Single PCR tube DNA Extraction Method

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Single PCR tube DNA Extraction Method

Post by Swordy » Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:53 pm

I need to make a DNA extraction Method that fits in a single 150ul PCR tube and can be PCRed following the completion of the method. So, here are my ideas and method and please comment and give suggestions.

PCR Tube- Mixed inside PCR tube
10ul of 1% SDS solution
10ul of Protein K Kinase
15ul of Nucleas free water.
15 Beads from a Zippy Fecal Extraction kit, Then Vortexted at the highestl level for 30 minutes.

PCR tube then Placed in a Boiling water bath for 15 miniutes then,
35ul of TAQ mastermix
1ul of fwr primer
1ul of rev primer

Then PCRed.

Comments or suggestions?

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