any problems with 1-base overhang?

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any problems with 1-base overhang?

Post by faerstd » Thu Oct 23, 2008 2:24 pm

another question.. but this time I researched via google and didn't found anything unless i gave the wrong keywords :roll:

so.. I have fragments with 1-base overhangs and want them to ligate in a vector with complementary 1-base overhangs...
my teacher said that if I give these fragments in a high amount then there will be problems.. but didn't mention any..
(and I was so stupid not asking him at the right moment!!)

so, now I thought and thought.. but didn't understand why there will be any problems? of course the problem has something to do with the overhang which is just 1bp long!!
but is it just because of the only base-pair the hybridization isn't so stable and if I have lots of them, then nothing will hybridize because they will be competing themselves ?? this would be my spontaneous idea.. but it's too easy to be..

please help

thanks in advance =)

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