Citrate synthase stock calculation

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Citrate synthase stock calculation

Post by proteinz » Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:37 am

hi all,
new to this board so unsure where to post this. i have a calculations based question, that i am having trouble with. the problem is i am trying to do a CS thermal aggregation assay on a fluorescence spectrophotometer and i cant seem to get the same light scattering units (not as high) as previous papers have so i presume my CS concentration is wrong.please help as im really at the end of my tether!!

my stock soln of CS 7.17mg/ml
MW of CS 85,000(although some seem to work with monomer value of 42,500)
protocol calls for me to make a 65uM stock of CS

So in order to do this i took monomer as MW and;

42,500g= 1000000uM
x= 65uM
x=2.76g in 1L

CONVERT TO ML AND MG (as only need small amount of stock)

2.76MG IN 1ml for 65uM

Have 7.17mg/ml
(V1)(C1)= (V2)(C2)
(x)(7.17mg)= (1000ul)(2.76mg)

therefore dilute stock 385.3ul in 614.7ul to get 65uM is this correct??????

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Post by blcr11 » Tue Oct 07, 2008 1:10 pm

Looks OK to me, unless the dimer is the relevant molecule.

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