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by andyde
Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:43 pm
Forum: Molecular Biology
Topic: Polyacrylamide gel running
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I am pretty sure the ingredients I used are of the right concentrations for a 12% PAGE, and I freshly prepare the ge. I have a feeling maybe it runs for so long is because we are re-using the running buffers in this lab - maybe the buffer is depleted or something. 'go up to 100 V for tricine gels, ...
by andyde
Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:19 pm
Forum: Molecular Biology
Topic: Is an ELISA plate really specific for protein adsorption?
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Every entity (each protein species, lipid molecules...) has it specific affinity towards the polystyrene surface (also depending on the PS-type and pre-treatment). So, if you take a crude extract, you will never bind all molecules and never in the same proportions as they are present in solution. Bu...