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5 Unexpected Activities that Release Endorphin

Endorphin is one of the natural “happy” chemicals released by our bodies. This chemical which is secreted by our brains is responsible for helping us relieves stress, anxiety, and allows us to have higher tolerance for pain. Sometimes called as the natural morphine, endorphin affects our pain and pleasure perception.

Endorphins are commonly released by the body during rigorous activities such as weight lifting, running and other physical and strenuous exercises. Endorphin is responsible for the “runner’s high” – a euphoric feeling after a tiring activity. The chemicals are also released during sexual intercourse giving the couple a dose of endorphins into their blood stream thereby boosting their happiness levels.

Not known to most people, endorphins are also released by other unexpected activities. We have outlined 5 acts that, unknowingly, give us the happy pill.

1.      Drinking Alcohol

Moderate alcohol levels on your body invites endorphins into the bloodstream. The introduction of endorphins to your body will uplift your mood and makes you happier. This is the reason why happiness and laughter is associated with alcohol drinking.

However, make sure that you do not overdrink. The good effects of endorphin will be outweighed by the bad effects of overconsumption of alcohol – not to mention the hangover that follows the morning after.

2.      Gambling

Who would have thought that playing Online Roulette at releases the happy drug into your body? No, it’s not the roulette wheel, blackjack cards or even the slot machines’ lights that convince a person to sit for hours betting and turning the dice.  Endorphins are released on your brain when it is on overdrive. Gambling, especially the games that have a social aspect to them such as poker, generate excitement and anticipation for winning. Your brain copes up with the heat by releasing endorphins.

3.      Taking a Selfie

Ever wondered what makes selfie so popular among teenagers? You guessed it right – endorphins. We, humans, love to be praised and admired and there’s no better person to give that praise to than ourselves. There is a good feeling when we look at our own photos. That good feeling signals the brain to release more endorphins making the experience better.

So if seeing selfies of other people are not your thing, then you may need to ponder on the thought that the trend may not go off anytime soon – and it is endorphin’s fault!

4.      Using the Social Media

No man is an island. A very old and true statement. No wonder social media sites are booming right now. It feeds our inner desire of socializing without the need to go out or physically engage with each other.

Reading a cute love story on Facebook makes you smile. Having your tweet retweeted a hundred times gives you a rush. Being followed by your crush on Instagram is heaven! All of these are triggered by the release of endorphins from your brain. Every comment, every like, every share gives a little dose of happiness into your system.

5.      Eating

Eating your favourite food after a month of craving makes you ecstatic. Your brain rewards you for giving in to your desires – and that reward is a squirt of endorphin. Dark chocolates, pasta, spicy foods and sweet desserts releases endorphin. So if your girlfriend is upset, you now know that chocolates win over flowers any time of the day!


We have just discussed 5 unexpected activities that release endorphin. Endorphin, being a natural and free “happy drug”, is good to our health and overall well-being. However, everything should be in moderation. Everything taken in excess will always bring about negative effects to us. So, enjoy your beer and chocolates on the poker table, while a friend takes a selfie – which will be uploaded to Faceboook later!

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