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Have you ever thought of changing yourself for the better — genetically-speaking? Lately, CRISPR company has been selling a CRISPR DIY, i.e. a gene-therapy kit purchasable online. Thus, you could biohack and strike genes at your convenience, practically whenever and wherever — even right at the comfort of your home.     CRISPR – a…

sponge- origin of animal multicellularity
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Multicellular life, purportedly, started around 600 million years ago. From single-celled, certain organisms eventually evolved into the more complex multicellular forms. Several theories arise trying to explain how multi-celled animals came about. As of this time, there remains no consensus as to the origin of animal multicellularity. Recently, another theory emerged and it apparently challenges…

dog rabies
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Having a dog as a pet presents myriad of benefits. One of them is having a companion reputed for being charismatic and loyal. Dogs, apparently, render a “cure” when melancholy “strikes“. However, there are repercussions to avoid or deal with when handling a dog. One of the most important concerns when domesticating a dog is…

breast cancer cell
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According to World Health Organization, cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. The record showed that it caused about 9.6 million deaths last year (2018). Accordingly, one in every six deaths is attributed to cancer.[1] Cancer defined Cancer refers to the disease that arises from the faulty uncontrolled proliferation of cell, usually at…

human brain photo by Rev314159 flickr
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Death is inevitable to any entity that has life. When there is a beginning there ought to be an end.  However, the recent findings of a team of researchers seemed to paint a gray line between what’s supposedly dead and what’s alive. Accordingly, they were able to restore certain functions on pig brains that had…

RNA world hypothesis
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How did life start as we know it? In the scientific community, the “RNA World Hypothesis“ has many adherents. Many believed that life came about as a result of the existence of the simplest molecule, such as RNA. Perceptibly, RNA shows signs of somewhat being “alive” — at least in the sense that it carries…

FAAH-OUT gene mutation
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A Scottish woman claims that she has not experienced pain over some supposedly painful conditions, like a severe joint degeneration or a post-operation she underwent for her hand due to osteoarthritis. Accordingly, she never needed painkillers and her case astounded doctors. A baffling case Doctors were baffled when the 71-year old Scottish woman, Jo Cameron,…

Regeneration in humans
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Regeneration in humans is much more limited compared in other animals. Say for instance when one lost a limb, much as well say goodbye to it for the rest of one’s life. Perhaps, it would be nice if we have higher capacity to regenerate many of our indispensable body parts, like head, limbs, and many…