Thymus Gland Development

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Thymus Gland Development

Post by steevjd » Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:29 pm

Hi All, I am by no means an expert in biology, so hoping someone on here can help me.

I am familiar with the function of the Thymus Gland (to an extent), and am aware it starts in shrink and turn into fatty tissue in the years following puberty. My questions relate to the development of the Thymus and is twofold;

1) At what age is the Thymus fully formed in Humans? Is it pre-birth, or at a particular age? [inc. source]
2) If it is after the birth, is it's ability to function compromised until it is fully formed? [inc. source]

I have tried to find the below answers myself, but am struggling to find relevant info - this page seemed quite good but was far too technical for me! ( ... evelopment)

To give some background to the questions - I have been advised by someone that you should delay vaccines until the age of 2 as that is when the Thymus is fully formed, and by having vaccinations before then, you are reducing the chance of them being effective and gaining immunity.

I will try to keep my opinions out of this, but was looking for an educated response, be it agreement or counter...

Thanks in advance.

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