Specific growth rates of algae [data visualization]

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Specific growth rates of algae [data visualization]

Post by donpedrosangre » Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:29 pm

Dear all,

There is a data visualisation competition going on reddit and the dataset of question is from this link. It shows growth rates of different algae depending on temperature and light intensity.

So in order to create a valuable visualisation and come to some sort of conclusion or insight I decided to do some more digging through the context and came up so far with the following data:


So far, not being any kind of biology expert myself I see these types of trends in the data:
1. Generally, algae grows more with higher luminosity and warmer temperature
2. There are some species that grows generally much less than others and those require some quite specific conditions that no exactly follow the trend from [1]
3. The general environment and groupings (green/golden algae) doesn't seem to be any indication on the tendencies.

So there are two main questions:

1. Is there anything you see in the table that I didn't catch?
2. Is there any other piece of data that should be added in order to arrive at some sort of insight?

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