Xenobiotic Agents for Biofilm Prevention and Treatment

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Xenobiotic Agents for Biofilm Prevention and Treatment

Post by bioCassie » Tue Mar 03, 2015 5:38 pm

I came cross an online post on the Infectious Disease and Immunology Research Institute at Loyola University Chicago. There are some interesting research results regarding the biofilms prevention and treatment from Karen L. Visick, PhD and James J. Jaber, MD, PhD. Here is the whole post: http://stritch.luc.edu/depts/indii/research-projects/novel-xenobiotic-agents-for-biofilm-prevention-and-treatment-in-chronic-rhinosinusitis/

Biofilms are a serious problem in the clinic due to three key factors: (1) the extracellular matrix limits diffusion of molecules such as antibiotics, preventing them from readily accessing the target bacteria; (2) some bacteria within the biofilm are dormant, which diminishes the effectiveness of traditional antibiotics that kill actively metabolizing cells; and (3) the ability of the bacteria to readily tightly adhere to surfaces and to each other limits the effectiveness of immune system.

However, current treatment protocols fail to take into account all 3 well-known factors, listed above, that are involved in the inherent resistance to antimicrobials of bacteria within biofilms. Therefore, our goal is to develop a novel therapeutic agent that incorporates plans for combatting each of these resistance mechanisms in the context of a single synthetic molecule.
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