ecological genomics: Microsallites & allele frequency

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ecological genomics: Microsallites & allele frequency

Post by Young » Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:30 am


microsatellites are assumed to have no functional role (i.e. neutral loci). However, many studies have found that microsatellites might have phenotypic effects. In fact, my microsatellites data show some correlations with environmental variables. As you can see a table below, there are 19 alleles at this locus. Two alleles among them showed a significant correlations with an environmental variable(i.e. Allele 3 and Allele 7: texts in red colour). Values in the table indicate a proportion of an allele found in populations at each environmental category. Allele 7 is the most common allele: the allele found in 26-56% of all the examined populations.

So I have looked at correlations between an environmental gradient and a frequency of an allele. I know many studies have looked at genotypic diversity (i.e. the number of alleles) vs environmental variable. But I was wondering if anybody has looked at frequencies of individual alleles and if that has any functional implication.

Any comments would be appreciated!


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