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Have you tried herbs

Post by coral » Thu Aug 10, 2006 4:12 pm

Hi Sabrina,

I'm so sorry for the ordeal you are going through. And all the experiences from the doctors.

My mother is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and various other problems. She is no doctor but she has had her share of doctors with their responses. So after she gets their diagnosis or "sorry, i can't help you" comments or take this and that (which never solve the problem just mask it and cause other problems), she turns to herbs.

I know there are so many medical people against herbs but I tell you, she's found cures to so many of her problems with them.

If you believe this disease is from a breakdown in the immune system, then that's the source. Maybe that's what needs to be taken care of.
Have you looked into Echinacea? Or stronger immune boosting herbs?

We recently discovered Ashitaba. It is supposed to be a cure all herb. Maybe you can try it. Anything is worth trying rather than waiting for these doctors. I know they are doing their best, but I truly believe cures are far easier to find than people think. With food, vitamins, herbs and certain medicines that go to the source not just mask the problem.

I will investigate this disease further and if I find anything I will be sure to post it on this site. Thank you for giving us helpful information and I hope the cure will be found soon for all with this condition.

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Post by LWilson » Thu Aug 10, 2006 4:50 pm

I have two sisters, one in WA state and the other in AZ, one lived in Florida for a number of years, they both visited me in San Diego, CA and they both lived in WA state for a number of years. Both are afflicted with this disease. One is wasting away, and is convinced by her doctors that she has multiple personality disorder which causes here to think there are bugs crawling around her body. The other has been diganosed with depression, possible bi-polar, even though her doctor has used a black light on her and agrees she has some abnormal skin afflictions. They have tried everything under the sun to make this go away.
One sister has increased her intake of garlic and onions because she is convinced that these are parasites and it will kill them. It has helped a little, but not completely. She has severe attacks every now and again. The other claims that she has found something to help.
She puts about half a box of corn startch in her bath water and soaks her entire body, head and lets it trickle into her mouth. She claims that the fuzz just pours out of her and she can actually see the red and black fibers in the water. She says that it gives back here energy and she feels better and the itching calms down.
I don't know is this helps anyone, but she is at least getting some releif. Both of my sisters have been battlin with this for about 10 years, most of my family thinks they are just crazy. but after seeing Primtime last night, I know they are not.

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Post by RANDY » Thu Aug 10, 2006 5:03 pm

Any new people I am here to talk to if you wish. 434-974-7128

Randy Beth
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fiber disease

Post by cherylw02 » Thu Aug 10, 2006 5:21 pm

Nadas Moksha
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Thu Aug 10, 2006 7:56 pm

Tams on it... a multidiciplinary aproach may be needed in context of such "unknown" manifestations out side terrestial applied materials technology, other than india and the red rain issue this may indicate a materialistic view about universe with a continual re-creation in which classical universe in 4-dimensional sense is replaced by a new one in each quantum jump. p-Adic length scale hypothesis allows to formulate the notion of evolution precisely as a generation of increasingly larger space-time sheets characterized by preferred p-adic primes. A second aspect is the emergence of new levels in dark matter hierarchy making possible macroscopic quantum coherence and inducing great leaps in evolution. Also a hierarchy of dark weak bosons and gluons becomes an essential part of the physics of living matter.

1. The notions of magnetic body and plasmoid

The model of high Tc super-conductivity and the general vision about dark matter hierarchy have led to a rather precise model for magnetic body as an intentional agent utilizing biological body or its part as motor instrument and sensory receptor. Dark matter plasmoids and plasma oscillation patterns as representations of control commands are one important aspect of the model. The prediction is that plasmoids should have been predecessors of ordinary life forms. This forces a radical reconsideration of the question how pre-biotic life have evolved and forces to ask whether even the hot interior of Earth could have served or still serve as a seat of life.

2. Emergence of symbols at molecular level and new view about hydrogen bond, water, and bio-catalysts

One can imagine two notions of dark atom. The notion based on λk-fold radial folding of the ordinary atom without changing its size seems to be especially relevant for living matter. The nucleus of this dark atom is ordinary whereas electrons are dark. The space-time sheet associated with a dark atom at k^{th} level of dark matter hierarchy is locally λk-fold covering of M4, λ≈ 211. The sheets integrate to a single sheet globally.

Single electron states have very nearly the same energy as in the case of ordinary atoms- Fermi statistics allows also N≤ λk-electron states: this is essentially due to the degeneracy caused by the λk-fold local stack structure of space-time sheets. From the point of exterior world these atoms have an effective fractional charge 1-N/λk since fine structure constant associated with the interaction of dark electron with external world is scaled down by a factor 1/λk.

Dark N-hydrogen atoms, briefly HN-atoms for k=1 and λ≈ 211, are of especial interest from the point of view of biology. One ends up with the hypothesis that Hλ-atom with full electron shell corresponds to hydrogen atom appearing in hydrogen bond. Furthermore, HN-atoms could define λ-fold alphabet and their attachment to various bio-molecules could define letters for the names of bio-molecules.

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Post by London » Thu Aug 10, 2006 8:05 pm


Thank you; I'm just now seeing your post from yesterday and quite surprised mine is still there. (thank you goes out to Canalon for leaving it; I appreaciate it.)

Ms. Wilson, I'm sorry about your sister(s), I hope you will look into multifocal lukoencephalopathy. I'm certainly not saying this is the cause for your sisters mental anguish, but nevertheless would still look into it.

Nadas Moiksha, what a cool name! Yes, the Glass and Photonic Materials ... the Piezoceramics....interesting, are they not?

I find it odd, but nevertheless welcoming when new posters al of a sudden come out.....maybe it is because of the primetime show....oh, yes, that is probably it.

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Post by London » Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:00 pm


Okay, but why not mention? Just curious.....Lots of Stratus clouds in the air today....(Oops, I mean sky that is)

I recieved this via email a while back and just rediscovered it again and wanted to share.

It is about the Zoonosis from our great WATER........

(1/2 way thru doc. you will see where it has the ones listed in america) ... 2730_3.pdf

also TamTam, when you referred to the air force base, etc., did you ever mean to be talking about the sewage sludge they dumped in Lake Mithcell close by?

See: ... med_docsum

Just incase you might be interested, here is some titles to sewage crud all around the world in our great water holes.: ... d=16832762


What's your take on transcranial mangnetic stimulation?

Nadas Moksha
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Fri Aug 11, 2006 3:14 am

transcranial mangnetic stimulation should be a given in an empirical order with an unchecked fetish for modernity.. but man how could all those pharm animals and doctors, and all the pushers keep that salary. I know I 'm way off topic , just as the blokes who created incapacattak swarmbot oxygen sucker are further off topic so flame ready. .. regardless the materials needed is so minimal it should cost less than 100$ I seen crude modified helmet for cheap but they are only dealing with a single state.. but true TMS for 2006... we should be able to persuade synaptic processes to execute such complex synthesis as to render molecules 2 C-i, or 5 MEO AMT, hell if we new venture capitalists with testicals it would be as standard as a ring tone.. at least knock out the coffee house, those of us suffering have financed enough.

has anyone checked your rain water... . for instance: a cheap Aluminum pan, distilled water, rain water,

bring DRY skillet to stable high temp .. now slowly a tsp D H2o .. sizzle half second and evaps immediatly...

slowly add rain H2o ... sharp sound with high affinty to reconstitute suddenly gathers into a globe with increasing rate of spin clockwise after 20 sec of what appears to be not so chaotic symetrical path, patterning as if mimicry of a logic sequence .. after repeating this a few times I tried to make believe it was the cast Iron symettry of the burner and not the complexity I was witnessing .. removed burner.. changed from gas to electric heat soucre.... no it wasent the burner as the path sheds entropy it slows to a point and increases spin! and what should be an evaporated drop of H20 the globe attepts to isomorph with 3 rotary points then icasohedron and darkens in color and half the size. it evaps 4 min later.
with dia magnetic effects shortly after 1 min.

sorry for such angular momentum.
tam has the topic nailed

prime horizontal structuring the data set
consensus reality is always most healthy.

ooh and never build a collider in the garage or attempt electrocatalytic transmutation with sulfer, mercury, silver, in a quartz geode.
- Nadas

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Post by Ally » Fri Aug 11, 2006 6:00 am

I think my mom might have this diseise to. She seems so scared about it. The doctors wont listen. We saw a thing about morgellons on tv and we looked it up online and it looked like what she has. They are on her legs, stomache, breast, even inside her nose and ears!

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Post by befour » Fri Aug 11, 2006 9:22 am

Hi Everyone,

I have learned some important lessons from my recent horrific ear infection/infestation that I feel is important for everyone to know......

First, it goes without saying, the Terramycin is the "knock 'em dead", sure-fire killer of these critters......IT IS A PROVEN FACT! (I have found that I can buy it at our local "feed store"...and if you tell the sales person that it is for "farm" use, they will usually give you a discount. It costs about $12.00 per tube.)

Second, of course is the peppermint oil, which makes it possible for the terramycin to reach the infection/infestation. (I know that I have posted this info before.......but I wanted to be sure that our new members knew the treatment I am referring to,)

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT.....when you treat your ears, you need to be sure to treat the WHOLE EAR......not just the ear canal. I mean, front, back, every fold and crease...along the jaw line and the top of the ear next to your temple. This is their breeding ground.....I learned the hard way!!!

Last night I was about to put the terramycin and mint oil on my head, as I do every night, but I decided to do my ears first. I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror as I rubbed the terramycin all over each ear. In an instant, large white globs appeared on the top of one I wiped it off, more appeared......and the same with the other ear. On the back of my ears, pieces of skin-like film began coming off...whitish-yellow, some pieces looked like little feathers or wings. These "things" had completely coated my ears......and yet they were completely invisible until I put the Terramycin on my ears!!

I am rarely shocked/astounded by anything anymore.....after having this awful disease for over five years....I thought I had seen just about every wierd, sci-fi, terrifying trick in the book.............but I was wrong!!! These creatures were appearing out of thin air, it seemed!!! And, it is not as though I had not been treating my ears.......I treat them and clean them out several times a day, everyday!!

I just wanted everyone to know how important it is to start at the source, your ears, when doing your treatments........Take care everyone!!

As always, my sincere Thanks to TamTam for sharing his wisdom with all of us......and his kindness to me, during the many times I asked for his help. I am much better........thanks to you, TamTam!!

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Fri Aug 11, 2006 9:23 am

TV in your environment?...
if one could actually stall metobolic function like the water bear and see the carnage deployed in innocent dwellings daily.

Molecular identification and evolution
"a e r o s o l e d c o n d i n s a t e s"
cyclic peptide hepatotoxins, microcystin and nodularin, synthetase genes in three orders of cyanobacteria
" s p a c e b a s e d p a r t i c a l b e a m s "
state-space model with hidden variables to infer transcription factor
activities.daime, a novel image analysis program for microbial ecology and biofilm research.
SPECT imaging and whole-body biodistribution with [(123)I]ADAM - a
serotonin transporter radiotracer in healthy human subjects. ... d=16546673

identification of many previously unknown proteins that may represent potential drug targets. In order to understand fully the functional mechanisms of a protein, it is crucial to know its three-dimensional
molecular structure. This may be determined experimentally by x-ray
crystallography, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy or electron microscopy, and computationally by structural bioinformatics and molecular modelling.The molecular targets of nearly all current psychotropic drugs are membrane proteins. ... d=16785277

go taxes go
sorry this is dehumanizing..
ion acoustic bunker bombs taxes mammels to sleep and it began with
a theory of GM hydrophobic Salpa aspera spliced with fusa oxysporium for self assembly and propagation.. almost too far out for me .. as if swiming in the thick electro plasmatic air, i could actually see them , all sizes, all times of the day, with a laborous grace of fluid viscosity flowing through all wall, all matter..
thinking , gee good thing they only feed on phytoplankton. thats when i stumble across londons persistance tams semiotics and Q-sensor the world dissapears.

p.s. has any body compaired the ingrediants of Monster energy
with Mycoplasma genitalium? ... ps&org=mge


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Post by London » Fri Aug 11, 2006 2:13 pm


Thanks, that needed repeating. I wanted to ask you if you still think the copper bracelet is beneficial? I was getting one later today.


Man, I sure was not expecting your post today, but nevertheless I love it. The answer to your question at the end is No from me but I plan on giving it all a look. I'm so glad you are here. Where have you been hiding?

To All: I have not a clue if this is anything relating to our fibers but wanted to share anyway,

Sweet fashions star at Toronto biotech show
TORONTO - Models stalked the runway in designer clothes made from fermented corn sugar on Thursday in a fashion show held at an international biotech conference in Toronto in an attempt to "make green sexy."
The one-of-a-kind outfits created by big name designers Oscar de la Renta, Stephen Burrows, Elisa Jimenez and others included a strapless beige ball gown, a cream baby-doll dress with ribbon and sheer overlay, and a pink and yellow taffeta skirt with a silver recycled polyester bustier.
Christopher Ryan, chief technology officer of Natureworks LLC, the maker of the "biobased" fiber, was quoted as saying after the fashion show at the World Congress on Industrial and Biotechnology and Bioprocessing that, "There are three steps to get from the corn sugar to the polymer, which is used to make clothing. First, the sugar is fermented into lactic acid, then that is converted into lactide. Then lactide is converted into PLA, or polymer. It takes a matter of hours, but longer than that to get through our plant."
PLA polymer is most commonly used as a plastic in packaging for environmentally friendly products, but can also be used as a versatile fiber that can be made to have the appearance of silk, polyester, leather or elastic.
Natureworks, a subsidiary of U.S.-based agribusiness giant Cargill Inc., has branded its PLA fiber as Ingeo, and is the first company to use biodegradable polymers produced from renewable resources for commercial products.

Nadas and Tam Tam, please look at this and advise:


Zeolites are members of a group of hydrated aluminosilicate
minerals occurring in the cavities of igneous rocks (rocks
produced by solidification from a molten state, e.g., granite)
and various volcanogenic sediments. They are also manufactured
for their ion exchange properties (the exchange of zeolite ions
with solute ions) and selective adsorption properties (specific
adsorption of solutes). They have an open crystal structure and
can also be used as molecular sieves for partitioning and
sequestration of solutes according to the dimensions of the
zeolite pores and the dimensions of the solute molecules.
Porous materials such as zeolites and clays have been widely
used by the petrochemicals industry to bind various kinds of
small molecules, and the binding ability of robust inorganic
zeolites has resulted in a repertoire of designed porous
structures potentially strong enough to withstand the formation
of holes in their structure as molecular "guests" enter and leave
the "host" framework. Now new studies demonstrate that solid
materials that can reversibly bind small molecular guests do not
need to be porous.
... ... M. Albrecht et al (4 authors at Utrecht University, NL)
report the controlled and fully reversible crystalline-state
reaction of gaseous SO(sub2) with non-porous crystalline
materials consisting of organoplatinum molecules. The authors
make the following points. The authors report this process,
including repetitive expansion-reduction sequences (on gas uptake
and release) of the crystal lattice, modifies the structures of
these molecules without affecting their crystallinity. The
process is based on the incorporation of SO(sub2) into the
colorless crystals and the subsequent liberation of the gas from
the orange adducts by reversible bond formation and cleavage. The
authors suggest such crystalline materials will find applications
for gas storage devices and as opto-electronic switches.
... ... In a commentary on this work, Jonathan W. Steed (King's
College London, UK) points out that non-porous crystals normally
cannot bind gas molecules without crumbling. But in the work of
Albrecht et al, when the colorless organoplatinum crystal absorbs
SO(sub2), an orange color spreads through the structure as the
square organoplatinum molecules transform into pyramids. With
SO(sub2) present, the total volume of the crystal increases by 25
percent, but when the gas is "exhaled" the crystal returns to its
former size and colorless state. The crystalline structure
remains intact throughout. Steed states: "The work of [Albrecht
et al]... offers hope of a new 'synthesizing up' approach to
nanotechnology... It is the 3-dimensional ordering of the
process, bringing together nanotechnology and the macroscopic
world, that is the remarkable feature of this work."
M. Albrecht et al: Organoplatinum crystals for gas-triggered
(Nature 31 Aug 00 406:970)
QY: Gerard van Koten: [email protected]
Jonathan W. Steed: Crystals that breathe.
(Nature 31 Aug 00 406:943)
QY: Jonathan W. Steed: [email protected]


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