Self healing Skin, Please Comment

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Self healing Skin, Please Comment

Post by satrohraj » Wed Jun 13, 2007 2:44 pm

"Scientists have developed a form of plastic skin that can heal itself when damaged. The material relies on an underlying network of vessels — similar to blood capillaries — that carry a healing agent to areas on the material's surface that sustain damage. Unlike previous self-healing systems that relied on capsules of agent buried in the polymer and which became depleted after one use, the new system can respond to damage at the same point many times over."


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Post by david23 » Thu Jun 14, 2007 5:16 am

Oh very interesting polymer chemistry you have there. monomeric dicyclopentadiene is the stuff that makes up the polymer, and benzylidene-bis(tricyclohexylphosphine)dichlororuthenium is the catalyst that puts them together. Are you interested in that kind of field. There is very little biology in it you know.

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Re: Self healing Skin, Please Comment

Post by minhminh8954 » Fri Aug 24, 2018 3:58 am

very good

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